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Subject RV bans have got to go
Date March 17, 2021 4:30 PM
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Read how RV residents are fighting against Pacifica's ban.

Friend –

There's not a single community in Northern California that hasn't felt the pain of our state's housing crisis.

That includes suburbs like Pacifica, where many who've been priced out by the city's astronomical rents have turned to living in RVs to keep a roof over their heads. But instead of working with their unhoused neighbors, Pacifica's City Council has responded with a campaign of unrelenting harassment aimed at running unhoused people out of town. So we're suing.

Hear some of the stories from our clients:

* "The RV ban has prevented me from progressing. I am afraid to leave my RV to take a bus to go to the doctor because if I come back it might be towed." – Sean Geary

* "I am trying to go back to work to save up the money to get into a regular housing unit. That's my goal. But that goal is hard to reach when the place I have grown up all my life is banning RVs from parking anywhere." – Linda Miles

* "If my RV got towed, I would not have the money to pay the tow and storage charges. I would likely be forced into a tent or a sleeping bag on the street." – Jared Carr

Read here to learn what it's like to live under Pacifica's RV Ban – and why local residents are taking action. <[link removed]>

The Pacifica city council recently passed a law that essentially bans RVs from parking within city limits. Once the ban passed, Pacifica police began issuing fines to people who can't afford to eat regularly, let alone pay off tickets that can add up to thousands of dollars. The city is also threatening to tow the vehicles – an action that would rob them of all their possessions and last remaining shelter.

We hope that this lawsuit will urge Pacifica, and other cities like it, to reconsider how they treat their unhoused neighbors. We all have a role to play in solving the housing crisis. To fix it, we need to come together and find solutions that respect everyone's dignity.

Just because you live in your vehicle, doesn't mean you're not in your community: Read and share Sean, Linda, and Jared's stories. <[link removed]>

Thank you,

Grayce Zelphin
Pronouns: She, her, hers
Racial and Economic Justice Attorney, ACLU of Northern California

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