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First the good news - the State intends to extend the pandemic eviction protections that we have had since September. For those of us unable to cover the rent during COVID, we will have more time to get back on our feet.

But we all know that whenever that rent comes due, we’ve got a big problem. We’re not going to get back pay; how are we going to pay back rent?!

Today, Governor Newsom announced a plan that attempts to tackle this problem with $1.5 billion in federal rental assistance funds. Many tenants will get relief. Unfortunately, this proposal leaves tenants at risk of eviction and crushing housing debt, for one simple reason -  it depends upon the voluntary participation of landlords.  

Join us in telling our state legislators - we need a plan that ALL eligible renters can benefit from, not just those lucky enough to have a willing landlord!

80% of tenants at risk of eviction right now are people of color [1]. A program that allows unscrupulous or racist landlords to opt out is a giant loophole that means more families, disproportionately Black and Brown, will be pushed out of their homes and into homelessness.

Click here to urge your legislators to get this right - act now to prevent evictions, but take more time to get the rent relief program right!

There are many good and fair landlords.  Unfortunately, there are also many landlords who show a total disregard for their tenants, and sometimes want to push them out.  They may want to slap on some paint and double the rent, leave their property vacant, or just evict a tenant they happen not to like. Consumer and fair housing protections exist for a reason - abuse and discrimination are rampant.

Relief for renters cannot be optional.

Urge your legislators to close the loophole on rent relief and pass immediate eviction protections! 

We are close to passing the eviction protections and rent relief that we desperately need - but we cannot pass a bill with loopholes that perpetuate racist displacement and puts our lives in the hands of landlords’ discretion. The stakes are too high.

This is a profound matter of racial justice. Take action now!

In solidarity,

Sasha Graham


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