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Subject [Berkshire DSA] January 21 Chapter Meeting Notes/Call for Feedback
Date January 22, 2021 10:47 PM
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Thank you to everyone who came out last night for the monthly chapter
meeting! You can access the notes here
<[link removed]>.
(Thank you to Amillie for taking notes!). We talked about a lot of great
stuff, updating members on recent Bread and Roses progress, the Taking Back
the Grid Seminar series (that starts tonight! Link to register in the
notes), the Ecosocialism working group, and the upcoming Berkshire DSA
elections (a co-chair, communications director, and secretary seats will be
up for election in March). Amillie and I also summarized a recent talk we
gave with the Williams yDSA and a meeting we had with Invest in Pittsfield
and the Pittsfield town hall.

The meeting shifted towards a discussion about what changes we would like
to see in the chapter. A ton of vital questions and insights were brought
forward mainly centering on increasing chapter diversity, the difference
between charity and mutual aid, how to use the membership survey from this
fall to shape our chapter priorities, DSA organizing philosophy, how to
check any saviour complexes at the door, how to not be confused with
Western MA Labor Action, and how to be a true ally to marginalized
communities/people. It was a good starting point for future conversations
and deliberations on all these points and I hope we can explore them at
future meetings.

*But! We need to know some stuff!* Namely:
- Is anyone interested in starting a zine? We should probably determine a
theme and then take submissions of art and writing along that theme.
- Does anyone want to do a Zoom movie night in which we watch classic or
contemporary socialist films together?
- Do a reading series in which small groups of people do a reading and
present it to the group (also through zoom) and then we talk about the
material? (Like doing book reports but shorter and more fun).
- Do you want to run for office in the Berkshire DSA? Or do you know
someone who should? Nominate yourself/them!

*So let us know what you think about that stuff and if you would want to
participate!* Let's have more fun with each other. Winter still has a long
way to go.

In solidarity,


Abigail Childs
Christian Kennedy
Co-Chairs, Executive Committee
Berkshires DSA

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