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Subject SV DSA Weekly Newsletter: The Lessons From DC This Week
Date January 11, 2021 8:47 PM
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HiJohn,Wednesday marked a critical point in U.S. history: radical right-wing insurgents, intent to seek revenge for the elected overthrow of President Trump, invaded the Capitol.The crowd was motivated by racism. Members wore antisemitic and anti-Black slogans. One participant specifically commented that they felt that the reaction by the police was supposed to be directed towards BLM protestors, not toward “patriots” — an obvious acknowledgement of the white privilege they expected to support their mission.Police were complicit. Capitol police not only failed to enforce barriers to entry, but in fact actively enabled demonstrators to enter. This is a marked difference from the times people of color have been detained, arrested, or stopped by armed militia on these same steps.Silicon Valley locals were involved. It’s been confirmed that individuals from the California Bay Area participated in Wednesday’s actions. The sentiments shared by the insurrectionists are present here, and we should hold those in attendance legally accountable.President Trump is willing to do and say anything in order to maintain power. This is a risk to our already-dwindling democratic rights, and in some cases, our lives.We support Representative Cori Bush’s petition to impeach the president (again). We urge all legislators at every level to join our voices in support.Regardless of whether we call this an attempted coup or a mob intent on revenge: historically, attempted coups are often followed by successful ones. As socialists, we must stop fascists from bringing more people into their ranks. There is no middle ground between socialism and barbarism.Join us for our January Chapter Meeting on Sunday, January 17th at 2pm to discuss what the insurrection means and how we are organizing locally.In solidarity,Your SV DSA Newsletter TeamPS — California can lead toward Medicare for All in 2021! Join us in signing the petition calling on Governor Newsom to seek federal waivers to allow the funding of a California single payer system, and help us reach 1 million signatures before January 20th.Upcoming EventsHatching chick🐣 means newbie-friendly!General meetings are marked with a🌹 rose.WG stands for Working Group.For more events, check out ourcalendar: [link removed] 1/127-8:30pElectoral WG: [link removed] 1/127-8:30pSocialist Feminist WG: [link removed] 1/137:30-9p#DefundThePolice: MP, EPA + PA: [link removed] 1/146pJustice WG: [link removed] 1/146-8pTech & Data Cmte: [link removed] 1/155-6p🐣Speech Writing & Delivery Class (Pt 2) : [link removed] 1/156-7:30pComms Strategy Session : [link removed] 1/1610a-12pComms Work Session: [link removed] 1/1710a-12pComms Work Session: [link removed] 1/1711a-12:30pMutual Aid WG: [link removed] 1/172-4p🐣January Chapter Meeting: [link removed] 1/176-7:30pAMP Cmte: [link removed] 1/176-7:30pEcosocialist WG: [link removed] is a membership organization.As a member, you can vote at our local meetings and run for leadership roles. We are funded by voluntary dues, but no donation is required to join.Let's build socialism together!Join DSA!(or renew your membership)You are receiving this email because you signed up to hear from Silicon Valley DSA. You may have joined national DSA or signed up at a local meeting or outreach table. To make sure you can receive future newsletters, please add us ([email protected]: [link removed]) to your address book.This email was sent to [email protected]. Click here to unsubscribe: [link removed] © 2020 Silicon Valley DSA.1346 The Alameda Ste 7-84. San Jose 95126-2699.
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