Hi Everyone,

As you all are probably aware, on Wednesday, January 6 pro-Trump supporters and QAnon conspiracy theorists stormed the United States capitol building. Trump and many US legislators encouraged the capitol takeover and some legislators were among the crowd of pro-Trump protestors. Rep. Cori Bush (D-Missouri) is calling for the investigation and expulsion of members of congress who incited Wednesday's violence. Please take a moment and sign her petition here.

To exert further pressure, please contact your representatives (their contact info is below) and express your desire to prosecute those who were planning to overturn Trump's defeat, harm legislators, and enstate a white nationalist agenda.

May the events of this week further galvanize us to build a more ethical, peaceful society that meets the needs of its members. Please stay safe and stay hopeful.

In solidarity,


Elizabeth Warren - senator
202-224-4543 (Washington, DC)
617-565-3170 (Boston)
413-788-2690 (Springfield)
twitter: @SenWarren

Edward Markey - senator
202-224-2742 (Washington, DC)
617-565-8519 (Boston)
413-785-4610 (Springfield)
twitter: @SenMarkey

Richard Neal - state rep
202-225-5601 (Washington, DC)
413-442-0946 (Pittsfield)
413-785-0325 (Springfield)
twitter: @RepRichardNeal

Adam Hinds - state senator
617-772-1625 (Boston)
413-344-4561 (Pittsfield)
413-768-2373 (Williamsburg, MA)
[email protected]

Abigail Childs
Christian Kennedy
Co-Chairs, Executive Committee
Berkshires DSA

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