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Subject Hopeful
Date December 24, 2020 6:22 PM
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Dear John,

Opening this letter with the usual greeting of "Happy Holidays" feels somewhat inappropriate this year. With the many challenges, struggles, and crises our world has been facing throughout 2020, "happy" isn't the word that first comes to mind to describe the collective mood of the season. However, a word that does come to mind these days, as we consider where we are and what the future holds, is "hopeful."

There is much reason to be hopeful. There are many bright lights on the horizon and some that have already made it to shore. It is nothing short of remarkable that, less than a year after the arrival of a deadly virus that has infected and devastated every corner of our globe, we have not one but two effective vaccines already developed, tested, manufactured, and being administered. The sheer determination, intellect, and collaboration it required to create a vaccine so expeditiously in a time of extreme global need is a testament to science and human ingenuity. As I watch video after video of fellow healthcare professionals - the frontline workers who have tirelessly given everything of themselves to care for the rest of us - getting vaccinated, I am in awe of humanity's resiliency, humility, and compassion. And this gives me hope.

As of today, there are 27 days until our nation ushers in a new chapter in leadership. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as our next President and Vice-President, and with them, they bring an administration that is truly worthy and reflective of our diverse country. With each nomination, it is clear that competence, decency, empathy, and science will be prioritized. As a first generation immigrant and an Indian American woman, I am proud and thrilled to see the number of highly qualified women and BIPOC who'll have seats at the most critical tables of policy making. And this gives me hope.

Even in this harrowing global pandemic and the consequent economic crisis - this worst of times - we've seen the best of humanity. Healthcare workers tenderly caressing the forehead and holding the hand of a dying patient whose family couldn't be at their side. Folks delivering hot meals and groceries to shut-in elderly neighbors. Teachers going above and beyond to ensure their students don't fall behind during this year of virtual learning. Small business owners voluntarily shutting down their shops and restaurants to help mitigate viral spread. Volunteers sewing masks and collecting PPE to deliver to frontline and essential workers. All of this gives me hope.

With this hope comes a deep sense of gratitude. We have never been more fortunate to be healthy than now when tens of millions of our fellow human beings have fallen ill and almost 2 million have lost their lives. Countless families will feel a heartbreaking void during the holidays and for years to come. Furthermore, the burden of economic hardship that so many are experiencing won't be fully eased for quite some time. Let us take time to respectfully acknowledge this widespread loss and struggle. Let us remember each number added to the statistics is a person, with family and friends who loved them, with a life story that deserves to be honored. I pray we have not become numb to the heaviness in the hearts of all who've been impacted by this year's crises.

So, I sincerely wish you all a hopeful holiday season, one full of faith in our fellow human beings, one full of the belief that we need each other more than we know, one full of compassion for others' pain knowing "There but for the grace of God go I," one in which we seek understanding and offer tolerance, one full of kindness and grace for those with whom we have differences. If we are to, over time, fully heal from the grief of this year, and of the divisions that exist throughout our nation, we must each do our part to lift the collective burdens of sadness, loss, ignorance, and fear.

The greatest gifts I've received over the past few years have been the stories so many of you have shared and the support you've given. I hold dear the trust and belief you've placed in me, and through them, I've known true grace and humility. I'll never be able to fully thank you for these gifts; it is through them that I have found the strength to be open to hopefulness. Thank you, and though our work is not done, we made great strides in what we set out to do: amplify the voices of our communities, make our needs and priorities clear, demand integrity and genuine representation from our leaders, remind those in power who they serve. I'm deeply proud of what we built and accomplished together, and I'll always cherish the friendships discovered, the lessons learned, and the progress made. I remain committed to the fight, though in different ways. I am hopeful that each of you are as well.

Be well, stay healthy, take care of each other, and please keep in touch. Here's to a hopeful, healthy and, yes, happy 2021.

With love & gratitude,

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