From Joe Kennedy III <[email protected]>
Subject Fickle cruelty
Date July 13, 2019 10:05 AM
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Two weeks ago, Donald Trump announced his plan to shatter the lives of millions of immigrant families with a massive, multi-city raid - the stuff of fascist nightmares.

Then, with less than 24 hours to go, he declared that he'd called the raids off. For now.

That wasn't an act of mercy; Trump's fickle cruelty is simply a different form of abuse. His threats throw families into chaos, as folks brace for attacks on their children and communities that may or may not come.

Now he's announced that his raids are back on, and scheduled for this weekend.

An awful truth: In Donald Trump's America, we can't take the safety or dignity of our friends and neighbors for granted. We've got to fight for it, and support the people on the front lines.

We've identified a group of nonprofits that are doing critical work to support those families legally and materially. Please chip in now to protect the rights our president is trying so hard to deny.
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Our president is playing games with people's lives and safety, enjoying the displays of his own power and his ability to terrify millions of people with a tweet. All of it points to a willful, callous, cynical disregard for human life - particularly people of color.

While Trump's doing everything he can to stir up hatred, it's important to remember that the people he's attacking aren't dangerous criminals or some villainous "other."

They're us. They're members of our community. They're people fleeing violence and terror in hopes of finding the most basic level of safety for their families. They're our neighbors, classmates, partners, teachers, and friends.

Standing up for one another isn't an option. It's imperative. It's the core of our movement.

Please join me in contributing to these organizations to defend our communities and the basic values that make us Americans.
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