From Preet Kaur Gill MP <[email protected]>
Subject My weekly update: corona virus vaccine, EU citizens, aid spending
Date December 4, 2020 3:40 PM
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My weekly update

Probably the best Christmas present any of us could have asked for was for
a licensed vaccine. Well we now have one and it is fantastic news. I am
sure we all want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the world-leading
scientists and those who have taken part in trials.

There’s a big challenge ahead of us now, though. This Government has
completely failed to deliver an adequate test and trace system. We need to
hope that they can successfully work through the logistics of delivering a
vaccine fairly, quickly and safely.

We also need to ensure the highest levels of public confidence in the
vaccine. Labour is calling on the Government to work with us to bring
forward emergency legislation to counter vaccine dis-information, and to
introduce financial penalties for companies that fail to act.

There is hope and light at the end of this tunnel but I know from the
emails I am receiving from local businesses, self-employed people and those
who have recently lost their jobs that things are really tough right now.
The Government has not got the support schemes right; a point I made quite
vociferously on Politics Live this week (see below). You can be assured
that I will continue to constructively challenge, push and cajole the
Government on behalf of residents here.


This week I wrote again to the Secretary of State for Housing Communities
and Local Government about the cladding scandal affecting many residents in
our constituency. I wrote after the Spending Review, in which the
Chancellor of the Exchequer failed to make any reference to this ongoing
crisis. Residents of 344 apartments in Hemisphere Apartments, near the
cricket ground, are still living in a building covered in unsafe non-ACM
cladding. Constituents are paying an eye watering amount – nearly £5000
a week – for waking watches. Efforts being made to help residents like
those in the Hemisphere apartments are simply too slow. You can read my
letter here [3].


I was completely delighted to have won the MP of the Year award from the
Patchwork Foundation who do remarkable work in providing opportunities to
those from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds. Since first being
elected in 2017, I have sought to use every opportunity to speak up for our
young people and empower them to take action on the issues that matter most
to them.

I believe it is vital that MPs use their positions to amplify the voices of
the underrepresented communities they serve in parliament, and it’s that
ethos that guides the work I do.

Preet speaks up for overseas aid

Last week I challenged the Government on its decision to row back from its
commitment to spend 0.7% of Government GNI on overseas aid. I reminded the
Government that this decision removed any credibility the UK has as a force
for good in the world, and made it harder for us to pursue our national
interest and create a safer, healthier, fairer and better world for us all.
You can see my speech here [4].

EU Citizens


I just want to remind EU residents living here to get their applications in
to the EU Settlement Scheme. I have been in contact with a charity called
Settled – they provide free and useful information to EU citizens in the
UK and they also offer help to people trying to get settled status. They
offer their support in many European languages. You can contact them by
email ad[email protected] or visit for more information
and contact options.


Preet on Politics Live

There was a wide ranging debate on Politics Live – the economy,
Christmas, vaccinations and more. You can watch my contributions here [5].

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