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Date November 23, 2020 7:22 PM
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November 2020

Dear John,

Despite the unique events of 2020, MassKids continues to make great strides
to prevent child abuse through education, training, prevention policy work
and legislative advocacy. We are motivated by the children for whom the
experience of staying at home has not meant being safe at home.

Reports by minors to sexual assault lines are at an all time high, and
online child sexual exploitation has law enforcement, public health and
children's advocates calling it "a pandemic within a pandemic." During this
time, we remain positive, mission-driven and outcome-focused. We need YOU
to join with us and [1]support our work now so together we can keep more
children safe. Here are highlights of current efforts.

Enough! Course for Schools Reaches over 7,000 Employees

A grant to MassKids from Theodore Edson Parker Foundation is supporting the
training of 1,500 employees in Lowell, MA's 28 public schools using our
e-learning course - "Enough! Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in My School."

Over 100 schools in six states have now adopted the course.

Enough Abuse Maine, a collaboration of York County citizens, York Police
and York Hospital, has raised funds to underwrite the course in the five
school districts serving the 23 schools of Sanford, the Berwicks, Eliot,
Lebanon, Kittery and York. Over 2,000 administrators, teachers and other
staff are currently being trained. Read more about this effort in
[2]Seacoast Online.

School leaders interested in considering the Enough! training for their
district can [3][4]click here to request a free preview. 

Training School Nurses About Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

School nurses are crucial allies in the fight to prevent child sexual
abuse. That is why in January, MassKids Executive Director, Jetta Bernier
presented at three Regional School Nurse Managers Meetings and trained
nearly 200 school nurses about child sexual abuse and how to strengthen
school policies to keep kids safe.

MassKids also provided training to nearly 300 school nurses, psychologists,
educators and administrators from 26 states during the virtual November 3rd
Voting Day Conference hosted by Northeastern University's School Health

The Massachusetts School Nurse Organization and the MA Association of
School Superintendents are partnering with MassKids to distribute 5,000 of
our Student Safety Posters to schools. so that students know how to reach
out for help if they feel unsafe or experience abuse. These posters are
also available [5]electronically as an 8.5x11" flyer for posting on school

University Groups Embrace the Pledge to Prevent™

Over 1,300 people have taken the Pledge to Prevent™- MassKids' unique
online action campaign that gives everyone a tangible way to prevent child
sexual abuse in their homes and communities. Tufts 180 Degrees Consulting
group hosted a campus Pledge Day last fall, gathering over 100 pledges;
they created a "How To Guide" for other college groups to follow.

This year, Kappa Delta Sororities at BU and Northeastern, and Columbia
University, Harvard, and

M.I.T.'s Sloan School of Management are also partnering with MassKids to
promote the Pledge and to support our other prevention initiatives.

[6]Take the Pledge to Prevent!

Choose one of 25 specific actions you can take to prevent child sexual
abuse. YOU can stop the hurt, before it starts!

Youth Serving Organization Leaders: Preview Our Online Course

Enough! Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in My Youth Organization is the
latest offering in the Enough! Training series. It was developed
exclusively to meet the specific needs of youth-serving organizations
(YSOs) as they work to prevent sexual misconduct and abuse in their

YSO leaders can preview the course for free and consider adopting it for
their organizations. While the problem of child sexual abuse is disturbing,
the course is positive and hopeful in tone and approach. It makes it clear
that YSOs that build their knowledge and strengthen their child safety
practices, reduce legal liabilities, and enhance their leadership and
reputation in the community as safe havens where children can learn,
thrive, and succeed.

[7]Learn more about the Enough! course for YSOs

Enough Abuse Campaign Reaches Thousands in West Africa

As part of our commitment to prevent child sexual abuse wherever we can,
MassKids has provided our Enough Abuse training and assistance at no charge
to support prevention efforts in Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Enough Abuse Sierra Leone, led by Student Parliament/Sierra Leone in
partnership with Save the Children and the Sierra Leone Ministry of Social
Welfare, will begin on site trainings (adhering to public health safety
precautions) to schools and community leaders in 50 districts. This will be
the first opportunity to promote the country's new 116 Child Abuse
Reporting line.

Enough Abuse Nigeria, led by Suburban Healthcare pediatrician Dr. Bukola
Ogunkua, has received approval from the Nigerian government to provide
Enough Abuse and ACES trainings to 30,000 teachers in Lagos State. Initial
trainings delivered through 2-hour webinars began this month and will
continue through 2021. Pre- and post-test data will be gathered and select
teachers will participate in follow up mentoring sessions over 8 hours so
they can then provide the trainings to other school staff.

Thank you for reading about our recent efforts. Please check out our
donation page and learn 6 Ways You Can Give.

[8]Donate today!

As you shop on Black Friday and throughout the Holiday season, shop through
Amazon Smile and they will donate a percentage of your purchase to
MassKids! Shop from [9]this link to save us as your charity of choice, or
go to and choose Massachusetts Citizens for Children from
the list of charities.


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