From Hiral Tipirneni <[email protected]>
Subject Gratitude
Date November 15, 2020 9:56 PM
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Dear John,

In these unpredictable, difficult times, I sincerely hope you & your family are healthy and safe.

The frenetic pace of our campaign and the intense energy of the election have given way to quiet, still moments of reflection. There are so many emotions that alternatively flood my heart. Of course, I'm deeply disappointed in the final outcome of this hard-fought race where we left it all out on the field. And I'm sad at the ending of something so meaningful and transformative. But, more than any other emotions, I feel gratitude and pride.

Gratitude for my team of staff, fellows, and interns. There is no campaign without each of you committing yourselves to the everyday hard work and doing it with genuine passion and a sense of conviction. Your unwavering dedication to our mission was invaluable.

Gratitude for our volunteers and supporters. If you phone-banked, texted, wrote postcards, contributed, organized, hosted, put up signs, put out a sign, or spread the word, you were part of our extended team, and I deeply appreciate your time, energy, generosity, and effort.

Gratitude for the voters. We earned 48% of the vote and, by doing so, we narrowed the gap in AZ06 to the closest it's ever been, helping deliver Maricopa County, and eventually Arizona's 11 electoral college votes to President-elect Joe Biden's column. We made this district incredibly competitive and reminded everyone that we can, and should, make our politics about people and the issues, not rhetoric or the letter next to someone's name.

Gratitude for my family and friends. Without my close village of support, I couldn't have taken on such a formidable challenge. Your steadfast encouragement and love propelled me forward every single day and helped me remain focused on my "why" whenever the trail got tough.

Gratitude for my loudest cheerleaders -- Kishore, Mira, Anjali, Jalan, & my folks. I'm humbled by your abiding belief in me, your unconditional love, and your never-ending wells of kindness and sacrifice. You were, and remain my inspiration and my sustenance.

Gratitude for Max & Bruno. Every night, upon my return, your wet, sloppy kisses and your excited, wagging tails reminded me to be present and feel joy in life's simplest moments.

Finally, quietly glowing in the recesses of my heart, like a constant comforting hum, is immense pride. Pride that our nation chose decency, truth, & compassion to occupy the White House. Pride that a brilliant and fearless woman of color is our Vice President-elect. Pride that we ran a fierce campaign and elevated the powerful voices of Arizona families. Pride that we ran a campaign founded in empathy, science, integrity, and a compelling need for change. Pride that we moved the needle in a longstanding conservative district more than anyone ever thought we could, proving there is more that unites us than divides us. Pride to be able to call all of you partners on this profound, singular journey.

A few days ago, my friend, Jim, reminded me of an email I sent out early in the pandemic checking in with everyone that asked "How is your heart?" Well, y'all know how my heart is now. If you have a moment, please let me know how yours is.

I pray you are all healthy and hopeful, feeling the promise of the bright horizon that will be fully visible on January 20th. There is hard work that lies ahead to fully realize that promise. Please, in whatever way you can, stay in the fight. I promise you I will.

In all humility and awe, I thank you. Someday soon, I hope our paths cross again. Take good care.

With a full, grateful heart, I am sincerely yours,

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