From Joe Kennedy III <[email protected]>
Subject heard of curing?
Date November 5, 2020 12:18 AM
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Lauren and I were camped out on our couch all night, glued to our phones, watching the results come in. To be honest, it hasn't changed too much today.

It's becoming clear that we may have to wait a bit longer to get the final results. That's ok. We'll wait. We'll be patient. Because -- unlike Donald Trump -- we know it's not a free and fair election unless every single ballot counts. And it's clear that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have the most likely path to victory right now. The math is tight, but it's on our side.

In the meantime, let's put nervous energy into action. Donald Trump has shown us he'll stop at nothing to delegitimize this process and the ballots of Americans voters. So, across the country, Democrats are coming together to ensure votes that have been cast, will be counted.

We need your help. Sign up for a shift to make calls into Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina to help voters with outstanding issues on their ballot.

We call these "curing calls." Vote curing is when voters have a chance to fix their ballots so that they could be counted. Issues that arise could be a signature that doesn't quite match, a stray pen mark making the ballot unable to scan, or an incorrectly filled in bubble. All of these things shouldn't stand in the way of a voice being heard.

Donald Trump won't go without a fight, no matter how corrupt or illegitimate. Sign up to help make sure he doesn't get away with it:



North Carolina

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris left it all on the field. And I know you were right there with them, which is why I believe we'll be declaring victory as soon as the final tally is in.

In the meantime: Hang in there. Take care. More soon.

-- Joe


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