My name is Pamela Winn and I’m a formerly incarcerated woman. I’m also a Dignity for Incarcerated Women Ambassador with #cut50, fighting on the frontlines to change the very system I was once a part of. 

Today, I’m being featured in Essence Magazine to highlight the accomplishments of our Dignity campaign in my home state of Georgia and around the country: drm.to/PamWinn

Growing up as a young black girl in Georgia, Essence was the magazine that featured women who look like me and came from communities like mine. Reading about the journeys of accomplished black women was empowering and inspiring – especially in the south where black women were oppressed instead of celebrated.

Today, I’m featured in that same magazine – and it’s astounding to me! Being recognized for my accomplishments despite my mistakes is priceless; I am now a leader in a movement that celebrates redemption and humanization. 

Being part of a movement – to bring Dignity to Incarcerated Womenis a great privilege. The Dignity campaign is led by other formerly incarcerated women like myself who know the conditions inside of prisons firsthand. Our efforts empower women like us to share their stories and work with state lawmakers to create sensible reforms that our voiceless sisters behind bars will benefit from. 

As of this month, we are halfway to our goal of passing Dignity bills in 20 states by 2020 – including the Dignity Act Georgia, which was signed into law this past May!

I fought hard and won for incarcerated women, and I’m not alone – I’m just one part of a national movement lifting up the voices of women in state prisons across the country. 

I invite you to share this proud moment with me by reading about my role in the Dignity Campaign as told in Essence Magazine. 

In solidarity,
Pamela Winn
Dignity Ambassador, Georgia
Founder of RestoreHER US

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