We have a 50-50 shot at this >>

We’re almost there -- Election Day is TOMORROW, and even Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Fox News that Democrats have a “50-50” chance of flipping the Senate.

The stakes for Tuesday have never been higher and neither have our chances for winning back the Senate Majority. If you can, split a contribution between the DSCC and the Southwest Leadership Fund today and help push Democrats’ campaigns over the finish line on Election Day.

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There is a complete disconnect between what Trump and his Administration say and what they do.

Trump brags about all of the good he’s done for our economy while more than 12 million Americans are out of work, and at the same time, McConnell and Trump chose to solely focus on securing another spot on the Supreme Court instead of passing urgently needed COVID-19 relief.

Trump’s Administration says they’re preserving our country’s natural treasures and great outdoors, but Trump’s EPA has denied climate science and rolled back hundreds of critical environmental protections. Just last week, Trump removed protections for the Tongass National Forest, one of the most important rainforests in the world.

Trump promised a “beautiful” new health care plan during the final presidential debate, but the truth is he doesn’t have a plan. He only has a plan to eliminate the Affordable Care Act with the help of his new Supreme Court justice and take away health care from millions of Americans in the middle of a pandemic.

Actions speak louder than words, and there are Democrats on the ballot on Tuesday who are running to flip the Senate so we can respond to the pandemic, get Americans safely back to work, take meaningful climate action, and protect health care for millions.

But first, we need to give those Democrats the resources to win on election night. I’m asking you to step up during this critical moment in the election: If you can, will you split a contribution between the DSCC and the Southwest Leadership Fund before the day is over?

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