John –

So far, more than half of registered voters in Washington have cast their ballots, and by all accounts, the total is climbing steadily. That's great!

But we've got to do better.

The more people who participate in our elections, the stronger our democracy gets. And the stronger our democracy gets, the more energized our true grassroots, people-powered movement becomes.

So please, John, if you haven't returned your ballot yet, make a plan to get it in this weekend.

And remember: the deadline to mail your ballot in has passed. The only way to make sure your vote is counted is to put it in an official ballot drop box. Find the closest one now.




If you have voted, please do everything you can to get out the vote by checking in with your friends and family and reminding them to drop their ballot off at an official ballot drop box as soon as possible.

Let's go into Tuesday knowing that we did everything we possibly could to boost our democracy and power this movement!


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