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Subject Re: Closing the gap
Date October 30, 2020 9:03 PM
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Last week, Ben reached out with an important update: We've officially registered 43,024 voters this cycle. That brings our total number of voters registered since our founding in 2013 to 215,619 Texans (and counting) who can make their voices heard in 2020 and beyond.

Just imagine if we had those votes in 2018 when Beto O'Rourke took on Ted Cruz -- we might have turned a Texas Senate seat blue for the first time in nearly three decades.

Heading into Election Night, we're in the strongest position we've ever been in, and that's because of the hard work of supporters like you. But our work isn't over yet.

We're hitting the phones hard over these final few days to make sure we're reaching as many voters as possible and to turn out as many Texans to support the Democratic ticket as we can -- and that work needs your support.

Can you chip in, whatever you can, to help bring us over the finish line?

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Thank you,

Team Battleground

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From: Ben Miller
Date: Thurs, Oct 22, 2020
Subject: We've officially registered 215,000 new voters in Texas

When Democrats lost the Senate race here in 2018 by just over 200k votes, we doubled down on Texas' largest voter registration effort yet, and set a goal of closing that gap.

Today, I'm so glad to announce that we're making up ground in a big way. This cycle, we registered 43,024 new voters -- and since our founding in 2013, we've registered 215,612 new voters in Texas, proving that when we put in the work and the long-term investment, we can meet the moment and change the course of history.

But we've still got more work to do to fully close the gap. So team, I'm asking you to make a donation today to continue fighting to make Texas a solid battleground state:

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Over the last two years, we've narrowed the "Beto gap," and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Heading into one of the most consequential elections of our lifetimes, Texas is now a true battleground with the latest polls showing the race as a 47-47 toss-up. That was our goal from the very start, to turn Texas into a battleground by treating it like one.

I'm so proud of everything this organization, our volunteers, and our partners have done to make this moment possible. It proves that long-term investments in groups like Battleground Texas pay off.

But we can't just stop now. Texas Republicans are taking unprecedented steps to suppress the vote in our home state.

Just last week an appeals court upheld Governor Abbott's order limiting the number of ballot drop-boxes to one per county -- even Harris County, the third most populous county in the nation and home to Houston, the largest city in the Lone Star state. And since 2012, Republicans have worked to close 750 polling places, the majority in Latinx neighborhoods.

The only way to fight back against this kind of blatant voter suppression is to vote out the Republicans who are fixing the game -- and that means investing in organizations like ours who know how to register voters and get out the vote in our communities.

So if you want to see more Democrats win in Texas, then invest in our work now by making a donation of $20 or whatever you can:

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Let's make Texas count,


Ben Miller
Organizing Director
Battleground Texas

DONATE: [link removed]

You've seen the polls. You've felt the momentum. The work of making Texas a battleground state is happening right now, and we need your help. Chip in to support this game-changing work today.----


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