From Dr. Al Gross <[email protected]>
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Date October 30, 2020 3:02 PM
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The clock is ticking, John.

We're just 4 days out from Election Day, and our finance team is telling me that we're still $79,803 short of meeting our $200,000 fundraising goal.

We need to give it our all until the very end if we want to win this race -- and right now, we're left with three options to help us close that gap:

Cut back on our advertising buys and cede the airwaves to Dan Sullivan in the last days before the election.
Cut back on our voter outreach efforts -- which are essential for turning out the currently-undecided voters who are key to the outcome of this race.
Or... ask our supporters for more help -- which is what I'm doing right now.

In these final few days, we can't afford to scale down or cut back -- so we need your help. Can I count on you, John?

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Simply put, we're running out of time.

If we don't act now, we WILL miss our one chance to defeat Dan Sullivan and flip the Senate. And we won't get another one.

As you read this email, Mitch McConnell and his special-interest cronies are dumping cash into this race to keep this seat for Dan Sullivan -- if we cut back on our advertising, they're waiting to grab that space. If we cut back on our voter outreach, they'll dial theirs up.

We can still defeat them, but we need to out-work, out-organize, and outwit them.

John, we can't do this without you. Make your first donation today so we can defeat Sullivan once and for all >>

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We can't do this without you -- let's go win this thing.

Dr. Al Gross

Dr. Al Gross is a doctor, commercial fisherman, and a lifelong Alaskan. He's provided medical care to patients in the depths of the wilderness, prospected for gold, and faced off with multiple grizzly bears and is still here to tell the tale. In these uncertain times, it's never mattered more to send a doctor to Washington who can take on the failed status quo and deliver a real prescription for change.

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