"There are competitive races EVERYWHERE."

I have great news -- POLITICO reports that Democrats have significantly expanded the map for 2020 and have a real and viable path to the Senate Majority:

“Democrats began the 2020 election cycle with only a narrow path back to the Senate majority. But entering the final week before the election, there are competitive races everywhere.”

But it’s not a done deal.

POLITICO says the Senate map “still tilts heavily toward red states,” and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s super PAC raised $142 million in the closing months before the election and is flooding 11 key battleground states with outside money.

We need to give Democrats the resources to defeat McConnell’s special-interest cash at the ballot box five days from today. The Southwest Leadership Fund is working to get those resources to Democrats, but we need your help -- will you chip in today?

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McConnell is scared he’ll lose the Senate, which he has used to block hundreds of crucial pieces of legislation -- including desperately needed COVID-19 relief for millions of Americans who are sick, out of work, or closing their businesses -- while turning the chamber into a factory to approve his right-wing judges, including another Supreme Court justice who could destroy the Affordable Care Act, denies established climate science, and could overturn Roe v. Wade.

We can channel our anger into grassroots action. We can show McConnell we won’t tolerate his obstruction and hypocrisy at the ballot box on November 3. If you can, chip in to the Southwest Leadership Fund today to help Democrats flip the Senate in five days.

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