From Marcus Goodwin <[email protected]>
Subject Share this please. It will help us win.
Date October 24, 2020 9:24 PM
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John -- I need you to share this Washington Post Editorial. It is a powerful statement on the dynamics of this election and what's at stake.
First, the Washington Post reiterated its support for our campaign:
"The coronavirus poses unprecedented challenges... The need for balance and sensible thinkers is one reason we endorsed Mr. Goodwin [who has] smart ideas on how to advance the interests of D.C. residents."
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Then the Post made it clear that another candidate, Ed Lazere, could bankrupt the city and return the District to the days of Congressional Control.
Lazere's "tax-and-spend approach would threaten the city’s fiscal health and ultimately the very goals he seeks to achieve. The District in the 1990s learned the hard way there were things it couldn’t afford and ended up paying the price with the imposition of a federal control board. The city doesn’t need politicians who need to learn that lesson all over again."
John, I am asking you personally: Please use social media [[link removed]] , local listservs, and email to share the Post's editorial. [[link removed]]
DC voters need to know what's on the line in this election.
We have reached a turning point in this race. If we all work together and amplify our message during these final days, we will prevail.
Thank you for everything you do.
-- Marcus
SHARE THE ARTICLE [[link removed]]
P.S. Don't have access to the Washington Post? Here's the full text of the op-ed:
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Robert Cunningham, Treasurer. A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance of the District of Columbia Board of Elections.
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