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An enormous amount of out-of-state money is fueling our opponent’s campaign. They are quite literally trying to buy our state’s elections and gifting them to a partisan politician. It is unacceptable, but it’s also worrying. The reality on the ground is that this is not a safe seat.

We are $4,355 away from reaching our weekly goal. If we don't hit it, we will not be able to combat our opponent’s falsehoods – potentially costing us this race.

Please, help us win this race by donating to Kim’s re-election campaign today. We need your help now—before it’s too late!

Thank you, 
Jon Cantalini
Campaign Manager


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We are less than two weeks away from election day and I need your help. 

My seat is under attack and these next 12 days will be brutal. The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State dropped 1.1 million dollars into a PAC in Washington are running a slew of partisan ads. If that wasn’t enough, the state Democratic party has donated nearly $200,000 directly to my opponent! We need to fight back and let voters know that elections shouldn’t be governed by partisan politicians – or by the highest bidder.

We are up in the polls, but not close to being safe. My opponent and her supporters are flooding this race with false claims and attacks to distract from her lack of job-related experience. We cannot let that happen. I need your help to win so we can keep this seat in the hands of an experienced and impartial elections professional.

To keep our ads up on TV we need $6,523.00 by the end of the weekCan you help me reach this goal and defend myself from big partisan money by making a donation straight to my campaign today? 


Thank you,

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To get involved in our campaign, sign up HERE.


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