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Hank Gilbert for Congress


When I threw my hat in the ring against a whack job who is more concerned with conspiracy theories than constituent services, people told me it couldn’t be done. They said we were wasting our time fighting against a 15-year Republican incumbent.

But the enthusiasm for real change couldn’t be stronger than it is today. I’ve had Republicans, Democrats, and Independents stand with me throughout this campaign because they know that my message resonates with everyone — no matter who you are or where you come from, we’re all in dire need of new leadership around here.

This is the last hurrah before Election Day, and I need your help to reach voters with our message however we can. We only have 13 days left to finish this fight and give Louie the boot. Pitch in $25 or whatever you can to help us win big >>>

As your next Congressman, I will:

✅ Expand rural broadband to create job opportunities.

✅ Take on private insurers and big pharma companies who are jacking up prices and putting healthcare out of reach for too many Texans.

✅ Invest in our crumbling roads, hospitals, and vital infrastructure.

✅ Take COVID-19 seriously by following the science, protecting families and working people, and investing in resources such as testing to keep us from becoming a hot spot.

But I need your help to make this possible. We have the momentum on our side to win, but we’ve gotta give it everything we have if we want to see Louie up and gone. It’s time to bring about real change >>>

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Hank Gilbert


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I’m running for Congress because I believe we need a Congressman who will bring a good dose of East Texas values to the halls of Congress. When I’m elected to Congress, I’ll fight for enhanced funding for rural healthcare, massive student loan reform, and economic policies that make sense for East Texas. - Hank