Every family deserves someone on their side, John. Hard times are hard times. Families endure them, work through them, and are lifted up by their communities.

I know these struggles. I know them all too well. I grew up with them, right here in Southwest Washington. So when I say I'm going to be a Lieutenant Governor who's laser-focused on making life better for working families, it's not just talk.

That's what our grassroots movement is all about, John. We're barely three weeks from Election Day. Can you chip in $7 to make sure we finish strong?

For years, my family survived on my mother's wages as a telephone operator. After Mom remarried, we lived more comfortably, thanks to my dad's job driving truck and the union that fought to make sure he was paid fairly for his hard work and could support our family. (Still, starting at the age of ten, I worked summers picking strawberries at ten cents per flat in order to help pay for my school clothes.)

I've never lost my appreciation for that union and organizations like it. Working families need advocates, whether it is their union or their representatives who will stand up for them and the vulnerable – people who will never give up the fight for social and economic justice. That's who I strive to be, John. Every minute of every day.

That's how you can be sure that, as your Lieutenant Governor, I'll always be there with you in this fight – because I was born in this fight. This is the fight of my career and of our lives. For a better economy, for a better future for each and every family that calls Washington state home.

And that's why, with 20 days to go until Election Day, I am asking for your support. A grassroots contribution to our campaign will be a tremendous help as we make this final push.

I am grateful for everything you do. Together, we can win this.


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