Polling Alert: The Secretary of State race is within the margin of error, according to KING 5’s newest poll. 

The good news is we are leading our opponent. The bad news is that this race isn’t over and our opponent is putting hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV to falsely smear Kim’s record. In order for us to overcome this poll, we need to ask for your immediate help.

Money is going to win this race and with the Washington State Democratic Party pouring almost $100,000 into our opponent’s campaign, we need to make sure we are keeping up. We cannot afford to fall behind and let our elections fall into the hands of a partisan politician.

We have the closest race in the state right now and we need YOUR support if we are going to climb from 45% to over 50% in order to win. We need to push our TV ads and digital campaigning twice as hard as planned. 

Help us raise $20,000 THIS WEEK! Donate here now, or we might lose this seat!

Team Wyman


To get involved in our campaign, sign up HERE.


Paid for by Citizens for Kim Wyman, Republican · PO Box 369, Snohomish, WA 98291, United States
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