From Sammy Goodwin <[email protected]>
Subject 🐾 Hey Human, it's me -- Sammy Goodwin 🐾
Date October 9, 2020 10:51 PM
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[link removed] [[link removed]] Hi John, It's me, Sammy Goodwin. I'm eminently qualified to reach out on Marcus's behalf ahead of tomorrow's deadline, since you're now hearing from his "best friend." (Sorry, Jen -- at least I'm your best friend too).[[link removed]] During this DC Council campaign, I've given myself the title of D.O.G.G. (Director of Ground Game). And in campaign-speak, I'm serving as Marcus's "body man" these days. That means I follow him around all day, every day, and sit politely, until I am provided with multiple treats. My dad Marcus has been so busy lately, but he's still made time for lots of walks. But for some weird reason, he keeps calling them "canvassing." I know a lot is on the line in this DC Council race, so I'm really trying my best to help Dad sniff out a victory. I kept telling him I'd be great on email (based on the Instagram engagement I get) until I got my way: I begged, I whined, I drooled. Now, here we are. So, believe me when I tell you: Marcus is pawsitively the best candidate we have for DC Council. To show him how much we all believe in him, I want to help fetch 85 more donations before his campaign finance report is due tomorrow at midnight. Dad said we can go to the dog park as soon as we hit that goal. So, will you throw Marcus a bone and me out? → [[link removed]] THROW SOME BONES [[link removed]] Ga725hgagh835yahgnads. Hbha235h15kahgsd. H@&%H!(NVSDUDSH!!GR@!!%@%! Oops, sorry -- I saw a squirrel outside and got all worked up for a minute. But now, I'm good. After tomorrow's campaign finance reporting deadline, I can thankfully go back to worrying about the neighborhood squirrel population full-time. But, Marcus keeps saying we need to fetch more donations before then if we're going to be able to win. Dog to human -- I'm begging you, John. I'm groveling. I'm doing every trick in the book, consecutively. ( Call it what you will, because all of these emails are pretty desperate if you ask me.) Could you donate $10, $25, or any amount right now to my dad Marcus's campaign before tomorrow's big deadline? [[link removed]] If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:$10 [[link removed]] $25 [[link removed]] $50 [[link removed]]
$100 [[link removed]] $250 [[link removed]] Other [[link removed]]
If snuggles and cuddles counted as early votes and volunteer shifts, Marcus would be in good shape. Unfortunately, I've just been informed they are not the same thing. Apparently, that's why these grass-roots donations are important. I'm not quite connecting the dots, but I do love chewing on grass. Okay, writing all of that down with nails that need trimming (*ahem*) was pretty exhausting. Time for a 3-hour nap. Every dog has his day (to email you), and today is mine, so don't let this dog down! [link removed] [[link removed]] -- Sammy Goodwin THROW SOME BONES [[link removed]]
Paid for by Marcus Goodwin for DC 2020
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Washington, DC 20010
United States
Robert Cunningham, Treasurer. A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance of the District of Columbia Board of Elections.
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