Dear John,

For almost thirty years, I have been fighting in the US Congress for justice, equality and inclusion in this country. In that time, we have won real improvements on reversing discrimination, protecting consumers and expanding opportunities for women, people of color, and minorities.

It wasn't just me. Congress is a big place. and nothing gets done unless people work together. And that is how I know Denny Heck and why I'm proud to endorse him today. We believe in the same things and we fight the same fights. He cares, he works hard, and he knows how to win.

When I think of Heck, I think of housing. He has served with me on the Financial Services Committee for eight years. From the start, he has been interested in housing. In fact, the very first issue I asked him to work on was preventing seniors from losing their homes to reverse mortgages. Heck tackled the problem with energy, and I was proud to see President Obama sign Denny's bill into law.

Since that start, Heck and I have worked together on ending housing segregation, reducing the cost of housing and building more affordable housing. Heck is the committee's leading expert on the country's housing shortage and the barriers to building affordable housing, many of which come from state and local governments. I know we will continue to work together to solve the housing crisis.

There are three other things I want to make sure you know about Denny Heck.

  1. He fights for Washington jobs: his passion on the Export-Import Bank is one of the main things that kept that agency alive.
  2. He is passionate about raising American wages: he has worked for years to push the Federal Reserve to do more to help low-wage workers, and the changes he pushed for are now being made.
  3. He helped deliver the Democratic majority: I would not be the Chair of the committee if we hadn't won the 2018 elections, and Heck's work as Recruitment Chair of the DCCC was instrumental in our win.

I am proud to endorse my friend Denny Heck, and I hope you'll support him for Lieutenant Governor of Washington State.

Maxine Waters

Congresswoman, CA-43
Chair of House Financial Services Committee

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