More than 100 progressive organizations across Washington State have joined the movement to make Denny our next Lt. Governor!

Those groups range from trade unions to local Democratic groups to teachers' groups. There's overwhelming consensus that Denny's the best choice to join Jay Inslee in Olympia and be the Democratic team steering our state into the future.

We can't take anything for granted, John; we've got to make sure that in this final month, we're getting our message out loud and clear.

Please chip in $3 today and get our message out to every voter in Washington!

Denny has the backing of so many good Washingtonians because they know that on issue after issue, he's been in our corner since the start:

Partnering with leaders across the state on a response to COVID-19? Denny's your guy.
Defending reproductive rights? Denny's never backed down.
Fighting climate change? Denny's on the front line.
Standing with working families to make sure everyone's got a fair shot? Denny's been there his whole life.

Now we need to send him to Olympia to keep up the fight, and it all comes down to the next 32 days.

We need every bit of grassroots support to win this in November. Contribute $3 now to build the movement!


Kelty Pierce
Campaign Manager
Team Heck

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