Trump and McConnell want to take away your health care -- in the middle of a pandemic.

Let’s be very clear: President Trump, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senate Republicans are determined to rush through a Supreme Court nominee so they can eliminate the Affordable Care Act and health care from more than 20 million Americans -- in the middle of a fatal pandemic.

It’s unconscionable.

There are more than 7 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., including nearly 29,000 here in New Mexico. Yet, Trump, McConnell, and Republicans want to take away life-saving health care at a time when Americans are depending on it more than ever.

Joe Biden is committed to protecting health care now and in the future. If you can, split a contribution between his campaign and the Southwest Leadership Fund before tonight’s debate.

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately and split between Joe Biden and the Southwest Leadership Fund:

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McConnell said there wasn’t an urgent enough need for COVID-19 relief and has refused to act on legislation for months.

But now, McConnell is jumping into action to rush a Supreme Court nominee through the process with just over ONE MONTH left until Election Day. For many, voting has already started. Americans must be able to make their voices heard in the coming election on who they want to see receive the next lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Trump even said he wants to appoint a new justice as fast as possible in case the election results don’t go his way.

I'm fighting this as hard as I can now but we must beat Donald Trump and flip the Senate in November. I urge everyone to join me because at the end of the day, this is about our democracy and the future of our country. If you can, split a contribution between Joe’s campaign and the SLF before the debate tonight.

Unlike Trump, Joe believes in our democratic process and has spent his career upholding the oaths he’s made to our Constitution as a senator and as our vice president.

Joe believes in protecting access to health care and protections for pre-existing conditions for tens of millions of Americans, and he’s committed to expanding access and making it more affordable.

Now more than ever, we need a leader in the White House who will fight for the well-being of the American people. That leader is Joe Biden. If you can, split a contribution between Joe’s campaign and the SLF before Joe takes the debate stage tonight.

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