We need Jaime at the decision-making table for future Supreme Court nominations.

Control of the Senate will come down to races like Jaime Harrison’s in South Carolina, and that means the fate of future Supreme Court nominations will come down to races like Jaime’s, too.

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The Supreme Court will decide major cases that will determine whether more than 20 million Americans get to keep their health care in the middle of a pandemic.

It will decide whether to uphold our right to vote or allow partisan gerrymandering and dark money to undermine that cherished right.

And it will determine whether we can take action to combat climate change or gut protections for the environment.

Jaime is a lifelong South Carolinian and the first Black leader of the South Carolina Democratic Party. He knows South Carolina values, because they’re his values, too. He’s committed to protecting and improving access to health care, defending voting rights and combating voter suppression, and preserving our environment for future generations.

Jaime is the leader we need in the Senate deciding who will make these important decisions for our country. If you can, split a contribution between his campaign and the SLF today.

A new poll shows Jaime’s race is statistically tied.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans know Jaime and Democrats have a real shot at taking back the Senate this November -- that’s why they want to confirm a new Supreme Court justice with only 40 days to go before Election Day despite the fact that Jaime’s opponent previously said we should wait until after an election to confirm a new justice.

We have an opportunity to make the Senate look more like the people it serves, but we need to give Jaime our strongest support. If you can, split a contribution between Jaime’s campaign and the Southwest Leadership Fund today.



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