The Supreme Court, climate change, and health care are on the line.

FiveThirtyEight: “Democrats are slightly favored to win the Senate”

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight launched its 2020 Senate election forecast, and it shows that Democrats are favored to win the Senate with a 58% chance of retaking the Majority.

But there’s a catch: Democrats are only slightly favored to win control of the Senate. That means we can’t take anything for granted.

Thank you so much for what you've done so far -- but with only six weeks left until Election Day, we need to keep building our momentum. When you contribute to the Southwest Leadership Fund, you give us the resources to support Democrats on the ballot on November 3rd. If you can, please chip in before the FEC deadline.

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Under Republican control of the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked bills that would take sweeping action to:

  • Combat climate change
  • Protect our lands and waters
  • Ensure protections for pre-existing conditions
  • Lower prescription drug prices
  • Institute much-needed campaign finance reforms
  • Protect voting rights
  • And hundreds more

McConnell hasn’t even brought those measures to a vote in the Senate. Meanwhile, McConnell has pushed through hundreds of conservative judges and will now try to quickly appoint a new justice to the Supreme Court.

We have the chance to flip the Senate and get work on all of these pressing issues and more, but we don’t have much time left to make it happen -- voters are already casting ballots in parts of the country. If you can, chip in to the SLF today before the FEC deadline next week.



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