From Denny Heck <[email protected]>
Subject Ahead: Three opportunities
Date September 21, 2020 11:31 PM
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John -

I recently sent you an email about the three crises Washington State is facing.

But I've never been a doom-and-gloom public servant - and I sure don't plan to start now - so I want to also let you know about three big opportunities we've got as well:

Opportunity #1: Drastically-overdue progress on race and social justice. Our nation has squandered chance after chance to reckon with our history of white supremacy and institutional racism. Once again, we've got the opportunity to make the bold, systemic changes that will allow us to meet our long-broken promise of liberty and justice for everyone who calls this country home. Washingtonians have both the progressive vision and the resolve to lead the US into an equitable future.

Opportunity #2: Environmental advancement. This month's devastating wildfires are only the most recent reminder that climate change it's a problem for the future. It's here, it's dangerous, and it demands action.Four years of Donald Trump's regressive environmental policies demand an unprecedented, science-driven, urgent response. As one of the green centers of the US, Washington can show the rest of the country how to kickstart the economy by reducing our carbon footprint. Everything from product design to waste disposal to energy infrastructure offers Washington the chance to model a clean, green economic transformation.

Opportunity #3: Economic innovation.For decades,Washington businesses have led the US in our most significant economic developments, from technology to retail to transportation to e-commerce. That same creativity and work ethic can once again fuel a critical economic boom.

As with the crises we discussed last week, these opportunities demand leaders who are ready on day one to move Washington forward.That means centering racial justice, not only in our words, but in our plans and our actions. It means knowing how to marshal Washington's knowledge and resources to meet the moral urgency of climate change. And it means making sure we're building an economy that lifts all Washingtonians.

I've spent my career standing with working families, and fighting for the best Washington for each of us. And now, as we're facing a uniquely demanding moment, it's more important than ever that our leadership reflects the movement we've built, and the people who've allowed our state to thrive, by drawing on our many talented, unique voices, so we can build on Washington's massive opportunities, and tackle our biggest challenges--together.

I look forward to being at the front of the fight with each of you.



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