From Team de Blasio <[email protected]>
Subject Introducing the "robot tax"
Date September 5, 2019 11:37 PM
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36 million American jobs are highly likely to be automated out of existence in the coming decades.

Yes, you read that number correctly. 36 MILLION.

Donald Trump is doing absolutely NOTHING to stop the millions of working people from losing their job to a machine. And why would he? It's making his billionaire buddies richer and richer.

Bill's got the backs of working people -- that's why he's rolling out his "robot tax" and the most comprehensive automation plan of any 2020 candidate.

Learn more about Bill's automation plan and contribute $1 today to support this campaign.

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Bill's automation plan is the ONLY plan that would provide security for current workers and facilitate new, secure, good-paying jobs for the next generation of working people.

His plan will take on the threat of automation and ensure every American benefits from technological innovation -- not just the shareholders of the biggest corporations.

Check out Bill 's automation plan and chip in $1 if you like what you see.

In Bill's administration, we'd close loopholes that allow companies to put their money in machines rather than people -- and then write off those investments on their taxes. Under his "robot tax," big companies that replace their workers with machines would be required to pay five years worth of payroll taxes for each worker. And all that revenue would go directly into infrastructure projects and 21st century jobs that will HIRE those displaced workers.

Bill's right: the current corporate automation regime is an existential threat to our nation's workforce. It's time to hold big business accountable and put money back in the hands of working people.

Thank you,

Team de Blasio

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