From Tom Woods for PSC <[email protected]>
Subject Tom Woods needs your help
Date September 7, 2020 4:23 PM
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My name is Tom Woods, and I am running for the open district 3 seat on the Public Service Commission. The Public Service Commission (PSC) is one of those extremely important down ballot races that can be easily overlooked – just like Attorney General, the office my friend Kim Dudik ran for. We can’t forget about it, though, because for the past four years, the Republican-controlled PSC has let our electricity rates increase, all while giving discounts to Wal-Mart and doing little to plan for a clean energy future. I am running to fight for you, just as Kim Dudik did. I had the great honor of serving with Kim during my four-terms in the state legislature, and together, we always stood up for those in need. I supported Kim’s incredible run for Attorney General. Although her run has come to an end, I am hoping to continue our fight for working people on the PSC. I will stand up to the energy corporations to keep rates affordable and our environment clean. I have her support, and now I am asking for yours. My district is larger than the whole state of West Virginia, and with a contribution limit of $180, I need the help of many people just like you to take down my opponent, who could not be further from what Montana needs. He is a Helena lobbyist and dark money attorney who has filed a lawsuit against the governor for allowing mail in ballots, advocated for more corporate money in politics, fought for robocalls, and worked for an anti-union dark money group. So today I humbly ask you to think about Montana’s future, and consider giving to my campaign. You can still fight for the vision of Montana that you, Kim, and I all share. You can give up to $180 using the button below. I am grateful for every donation, and in a local campaign like this one, every little bit makes a huge difference. DONATE HERE <[link removed]> You can also stay up to date, request a yard sign, or volunteer by visiting my website <[link removed]> , Facebook <[link removed]> , or Instagram <[link removed]> . Thank you for standing with me today! Yours, Rep. Tom Woods Paid for by Tom Woods for PSC PO Box 443 Bozeman, MT 59771 Democrat Powered by Squarespace <[link removed]> Unsubscribe <[link removed]>
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