and New Mexicans who depend on it

My friends -- President Trump is trying to freeze payroll, an essential source of funding for Social Security. If Trump makes his plan permanent, experts say Social Security benefits would run out as soon as 2023 and disability benefits would run out as soon as next year.

Social Security is a promise our country has made to American workers for 85 years, and Trump wants to break that promise.

In my time left in the Senate, I’m committed to supporting Democrats who will be champions for Social Security and who will make good on the promises made to American workers. Will you join me? If you are able, chip in to the Southwest Leadership Fund before the end-of-month deadline to elect Democrats this November.

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Social Security was a cornerstone of FDR’s New Deal. For 85 years, American workers have paid into Social Security, and for 85 years, seniors, families, and disabled workers have relied on Social Security for economic security in the wake of retirement, the loss of a loved one, or when they’re no longer able to work.

And it works -- Social Security has kept 22 million Americans out of poverty, including 158,000 New Mexicans.

We can’t afford for Trump to destroy the social safety net that millions of Americans are depending on. If you can, chip in to the SLF before the end-of-month deadline and help elect Democrats who will protect these important programs for years to come.

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