From Team Wyman <[email protected]>
Subject We have Kim's back
Date August 20, 2020 8:41 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.

Kim’s reputation is under attack. 

Yesterday you received a personal message from Kim about the toxic behavior of her opponent. Instead of offering real solutions and job experience, her opponent's strategy has been to continue distorting the truth about Kim and the work she has done over the years to make our state a leader in elections. 

We cannot lose our lead to her partisan opponent. We need YOUR help to keep going.

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Always appreciative, 

Team Wyman


This is not another fundraising email. This is a call to action. I need your help to counteract the distortion campaign being waged in my race. Since we had a strong showing in the Primary Election race for Secretary of State, my opponent’s response has been to continue distorting the truth about my actions and my record. This is just one of the same tactics the state Democratic Party Chair used in 2016 when she ran for this office. This week they are taking it to a new level.

For months my opponent has repeatedly told her supporters and the public that I “should be a leader in championing vote-by-mail across the country,” that I have been “silent” and therefore “complicit” on the attacks on our election system, and am “against voting rights legislation.” The chair went so far as to tell Anderson Cooper on Twitter that my action “is suppression and politicization for the GOP and you got played.”

Their attacks on me are simply an attempt to deflect voter’s attention from my opponent’s lack of leadership and job-related experience. They have demonstrated they are willing to politicize our elections just to oversee them.

You know me. You know my record is one of demonstrated leadership, experience, and integrity. I work to inspire voter confidence, not politicize it. These are not just campaign slogans, they are the reason I ran for this office in the first place and continue to guide me today.

While my opponent has resorted to a campaign of disinformation, I have been featured over 300 times in media over the past six months alone about Washington’s success and the benefits of mail-in voting, protecting the critical services of the USPS, and balancing election security and accessibility. I have included a short list for your reference below.

I need your help. Please share this with your circle of influence – your friends and family. Tell them why you support me and ask for their support. This is going to be another brutal campaign and I cannot win without you.

Thank you,

Here are some of the articles mentioned above:

- CNN with Anderson Cooper - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- CBS This Morning with Major Garrett - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- ABC News – WA State SoS Kim Wyman on state’s mail-in only elections, 4/7/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- Seattle Times - Washington state officials assure residents Postal Service delays likely won’t affect mail-in votes, 8/14/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- KOMO News - USPS warning states about ability to deliver some ballots on time for general election, 8/14/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- Axios - What they're saying: State and local officials react to USPS changes, 8/15/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- NPR - FACT CHECK: Trump Spreads Unfounded Claims About Voting By Mail, 6/22/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- Town Hall Project, 6/18/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- Time - 'We’re Not Going to Know Who the President Is Until Well Into November.' These Are the Scenarios Worrying Election Officials, 6/17/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- CNN - US Postal Service faces challenges as new postmaster takes over, 6/15/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- USA Today - Republican leader: My state shows why voting by mail is secure and trustworthy, 5/15/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- The Hill - Postal Service, beset by funding woes, faces new fight over mail-in voting, 5/1/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- Wall Street Journal - Partisan Fight Looms Over Voting by Mail, 4/29/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- The Washington Post - The Cybersecurity 202: Nationwide voting by mail will be a massive undertaking say those who've done it, 3/27/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- NBC - Coronavirus 'worst-case scenario': Could the presidential vote be done by mail?, 3/26/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

- Time - Coronavirus Spurs Vote-By-Mail Push, But Barriers Remain, 3/23/2020 - [link removed] <[link removed]>

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