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USA Today: “Trump to campaign in battleground states as Democrats embrace Joe Biden, Kamala Harris at convention”
Chip in before Trump arrives in the Southwest →

President Trump has been running ads in New Mexico and now he is coming to the Southwest next week with a campaign stop in Arizona on Tuesday.

Trump is visiting key battlegrounds like Arizona because he’s scared of the excitement and enthusiasm behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and right now, Joe has a slight lead over Trump in the polls in Arizona.

But here’s the catch: Joe’s lead is within the margin of error.

We need to win in the Southwest this November if we’re going to send Joe and Kamala to the White House and take back the Senate. And with a race this close, we need to put in the work now -- not later.

I started the Southwest Leadership Fund to give Democrats the grassroots support they need to win on Election Day. If you can, will you chip in to the SLF today?

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During his four years in the White House, Trump has consistently picked corporations over workers and our environment, and he’s failed to respond to one of the biggest health and economic crises we’ve ever seen. And what’s more -- Trump has done everything imaginable to divide us as a country.

We need to elect Joe, Kamala, and Democrats up and down the ballot who will work to bring us together, lead us out of this crisis, and put us back on the right path forward. If you can, chip in to the Southwest Leadership Fund today. Even $1 helps.



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