From Denny Heck <[email protected]>
Subject This is bigger than my campaign.
Date August 18, 2020 12:50 AM
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In any election, there are some things that are more important than a campaign.

I know you’re worried about the President’s incessant sabotage of the Postal Service leading up to the election this November. Frankly, I’m not just worried—I’m downright angry.

President Trump’s sabotage of the Postal Service is an attack on the millions across our state who rely on this cherished institution each and every day. 

It’s an attack on the veterans in our state relying on the Postal Service to receive their medications from the VA. On the seniors checking the mailbox as they wait for their Social Security check to arrive. And it’s an attack on every Washingtonian who has ever exercised their sacred right to vote. 

For Washington, this fight is personal.

I want you to know that I stand with Postal workers across our state and nation. Today, I went to the Wallingford Post Office to join with other elected officials to call for the end of the politically-motivated sabotage of the United States Post Office. 

I know the grit of letter carriers firsthand—my grandfather began working for the Postal Service near the turn of the 20th century. He delivered parcels through ‘snow, rain, heat, and gloom of night’ for nearly forty years. The men and women of the Postal Service represent the best of America. Their fight is my fight.

Some things are more important than any campaign or election. This is one of them.

That’s why I’m returning to Washington, D.C. this week to make sure the House puts a halt to Postmaster DeJoy and the President’s attacks on the Postal Service. 

During this devastating pandemic, it is more important than ever that we shield the Postal Service from political interference and protect every Washingtonian’s right to access the ballot box safely this November. Our public health and very democracy is at stake.

Thanks to your advocacy, we’ve shined a light on this shameful attempt to disenfranchise millions of people relying on the Postal Service to participate in our democracy this November.

As President Obama wrote, we can’t let everyday Washingtonians be “collateral damage for an administration more concerned with suppressing the vote than suppressing a virus.” I couldn’t agree more—and we can’t let up the pressure until November 4th. 

So keep it up: keep raising your voice, keep marching, and keep demanding a democracy we can be proud of. 

It’s working.


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