From Howie Hawkins 2020 <[email protected]>
Subject Are they serious?
Date August 12, 2020 6:56 PM
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HI ,

You've surely heard the news by now that yesterday, presumptive Democratic

Party nominee, Joe Biden, settled on former California attorney general and

US Senator, Kamala Harris, as his running mate.


Our VP candidate, Angela Walker, tweeted yesterday that, "two months into

massive uprisings in EVERY American city, Joe Biden's VP pick makes it

abundantly clear he isn't listening to the electorate. You still think you

can push him further left?"

Angela is exactly right, and this underscores why she and Howie Hawkins are

running today. Progressive voters need a choice that won't have them

holding their noses at the ballot box, and we need to build something that

belongs to US, not to corporate funders or the private prisons industry.

How do we build? We've said from the beginning that ballot access is the

key. With ballot access, state parties can more easily put Green candidates

on every line on the ballot, to challenge neoliberal policies like the ones

Biden and Harris championed their whole careers, from our school boards to

our city councils and state legislatures...all the way to Congress.

You know we've been fighting on the ground for ballot access, and we've had

some stunning victories recently. NOW WE ARE ON THE BALLOT IN WASHINGTON,



But now Democrats are trying to claw back our victories. There have been

legal challenges filed to invalidate the thousands of signatures we

successfully submitted in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. A judge just ruled in

favor of the Democrats' complaint in Montana too, knocking the Green Party

off the ballot again.

We are still deep in petitioning season, but now we have the added burden

of having to fundraise to protect our ballot lines via a legal defense.

We need your help. Can you donate today to ensure we have enough resources

to protect our Green Party ballot lines? [4]

If the Green Party is not on the ballot, there will be no one to tell the

truth about how ingrained is the Democratic ticket with the private prisons


No other campaign will be advocating for Medicare for All and a sound

pandemic and economic relief that we all need to address the very real

corona depression happening right now.

No other campaign will be working toward ending the new nuclear arms race

that threatens our very existence.

No other campaign will be fighting to end climate meltdown, which is the

primary existential threat we face today.

Help us protect the Green Party's gains and to build for the future. Please

make a donation of any size today. [4]

In solidarity,


P.S.: We're still in our matching funds period, until August 24. Every

dollar you donate will be matched 1:1 by the federal government until then,

so donate now to double your money [4].







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