The progressive movement is proving again and again that nothing is more powerful than the people.

Friend —

Last night we saw another remarkable win; this time by a progressive challenger in Missouri. Cori Bush defeated a two-decade incumbent who had the power of the Democratic establishment behind him.

The progressive movement, however, is proving again and again that nothing is more powerful than the people. First with Jamaal’s win in New York, and now with Cori in Missouri, we’re seeing a wave of momentum. And we know that Alex is next.

Friend, we have just 27 days to work as hard as we can to reach as many voters in MA-01 as possible before our primary election. 2020 is already a historic year for the progressive movement, let’s not slow down now. Can you show your commitment to the movement with a contribution of $15 today?

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Cori, Jamaal, and Alex have much in common. They’re fellow Justice Democrats and progressive challengers to long-entrenched Democratic incumbents. Cori and Jamaal’s wins prove that the Democratic party is ready for a new generation of leadership and a resound commitment to progressive values.

As long-time activists for change in their communities, Alex is primed to join Cori and Jamaal in bringing transformative solutions to our country’s biggest issues — healthcare, gun violence, climate change, and economic insecurity to name a few.

We’re facing our final FEC fundraising deadline before the primary, and it’s coming up in just 7 days. Can you make a contribution right now to help us raise the $103,000 we need to ensure we have the resources to get out the vote on September 1st?

Let’s do this!

— Max
Campaign Manager,
Alex Morse for Congress


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