Friend — 

You may not know this, but I was born and raised twenty minutes outside Boston. And growing up, I was inspired by the vision and voices of great leaders, presidents and senators from the great state of Massachusetts.

And those powerful voices — voices for change, voices for progress in our communities, and voices for good, moral leadership — are needed today more than ever.

That’s why I’m supporting my friend Joe Kennedy, and endorsing his campaign for Senate.

I can unequivocally state that Joe is one of the most powerful progressive voices in the Democratic Party today. From the moment he stepped foot on the House floor, I recognized Joe as a unique talent, as a shrewd legislator and tactician, and as a passionate warrior for justice. And I have seen how Joe has used his skill, talent and determination to fight Trump’s abuses of power every single day of this presidency.

Joe’s voice for change is needed in the Senate now more than ever. He would use the great bully pulpit of a Massachusetts Senate seat — and the powerful history it represents — to demand accountability, action, and progressive change. In moments of great national urgency, like the COVID-19 pandemic or the recent protests for racial equality, Joe has been a champion for those struggling to get by and those struggling to overcome. Just like when Paul Ryan tried to rip health care away from millions of Americans or when Donald Trump started ripping children from their parents’ arms at our southern border. Joe’s voice has lifted up millions of Americans.

So, I’m asking: With less than 30 days left before the September 1st primary, will you make a donation to elect Joe Kennedy and bring his leadership, commitment and progressive voice to the Senate in 2020?

If you’ve saved your payment info with ActBlue, your contribution will be processed immediately:

We are going to need our nation’s best, brightest and boldest leaders to chart a course towards progress.

We’re going to need Senators who bring everything they’ve got to the fights of a new generation: Healthcare as a human right. Bold action on climate change. Equality for all.

We are going to need Joe. So let’s ensure he wins on September 1st by supporting him today:


Thanks for being a part of this fight.

Adam Schiff