Today is a very exciting day. Not only are we just ONE WEEK away from the Primary election, July 28th is National Vote By Mail Day, and I hope you all celebrate by voting by mail today!

I am deeply grateful for the United States Postal Service for their work to help make democracy that much more accessible for voters across the county, and especially Washington state. 

The fella in the middle is my grandfather getting ready to go deliver the mail in rural Texas. He worked for the post office from 1905 until 1944. He started delivery on a horse. A very big day in his life was when he got a Model T.

Today’s post office is at risk of going under. Saving it matters to me, it’s in my DNA after all. 

A great way we can support the USPS is by celebrating the National Vote By Mail Day by voting today and showing just how much Washingtonians love voting by mail (and why it should be adopted nationwide!)

So, let’s celebrate and be sure to thank a mail worker today.

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