Trump isn't.

NPR: “Trump Overhauls Key Environmental Law To Speed Up Pipelines And Other Projects”

I want to make sure you saw -- President Trump’s Administration is trying to gut the National Environmental Policy Act, one of our bedrock environmental protections.

NEPA was created 50 years ago to give Americans a chance to give their input on federal projects that might harm the health of their communities. This Trump Administration move is especially dangerous for low-income communities and communities of color that are disproportionately exposed to toxic pollution.

The Administration is now trying to undermine that law -- effectively fast-tracking construction on projects like pipelines and highways without consideration from the communities that will be impacted by them. So it comes as no surprise that a recent report shows the Trump Administration is systematically disregarding the effects of climate change to prioritize special interests.

Trump’s recklessness with our environment will be felt for decades to come if we don’t do something about it. We need to replace Trump in the White House, and Joe Biden is the person to make it happen. If you can, will you split a contribution between Joe’s campaign and the Southwest Leadership Fund that supports Democrats who understand we need to act on climate?

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Joe’s plan for our environment couldn’t be more different from Trump’s.

Last week, Joe rolled out his plan to tackle climate change and it’s exactly the kind of significant, aggressive action we need to combat climate change AND create jobs. It would:

  • Make massive investments in clean energy
  • Rebuild our infrastructure
  • Put us on a path to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

Joe is serious about climate change and that’s exactly why we need him leading our country. We also need to elect more Democrats and take back the Senate Majority. I hope you will join me -- if you can, split a contribution between Joe’s campaign and the Southwest Leadership Fund today?

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