From Howie Hawkins 2020 <[email protected]>
Subject [Action Required] You need to make a choice
Date July 22, 2020 5:31 PM
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HI ,

If you ask the mainstream media, you have two options to decide between for

your vote: Republican or Democrat.

To be blunt, you do have two options.

But it's not a choice between Republican and Democrats that we're talking


It's the choice between being pro-profit or pro-people.

Republicans and Democrats are proving to be two sides of the same coin.

Progressives thought that they could gain influence to change the

Democratic Party from within, but it has become all too clear that the ONLY

solution to put the wellbeing of our people and planet at the center of our

political discourse is to organize and mobilize as a united party that

sticks to the issues.

The establishment of corporate-owned parties can wish us away as much as

they want, but WE ARE HERE TO STAY.

Help take our country back from the corrupt ruling-class by clicking here

to donate now! [4]

Our campaign is one focused on the issues that matter most: a democracy

that works for the majority, social and economic justice in the face of

rising inequality, preserving our environment to build a

sustainable future, and promoting peace both domestically and abroad.

But we still have work to do and need YOUR help to continue our push in

creating the most successful grassroots campaign in our nation's history.

Because this is not a campaign funded by millionaires and billionaires,

every single dollar that is donated is able to be directly used in creating

the change that we so desperately need [4].

The biggest (and most costly) step in this is petitioning for ballot

access. As it stands, we still need to get on the ballot in several states.

* Washington needs 1,000 signatures by July 25, which will cost $3,000

* Arkansas needs 1000 signatures by August 3, which will cost $3,000

* Kansas needs 5000 signatures by August 3, which will cost $15,000

* Nebraska needs 2500 signatures by August 3, which will cost $7,500

* Minnesota needs 2,000 signatures by August 18, which will cost $6,000

We need to hire petition gatherers NOW to make this happen, and we need

your help to raise the money TODAY.

Remember, your donation is matched by the federal government. A $25

donation towards an Ecosocialist future becomes $50 at no extra cost to


Thank you for all of your support. Together we can #BUILDTOWIN!

In solidarity,








Email: [email protected]

Phone: (315) 220-0101

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