From Dan "Taxation Is Theft" Behrman <[email protected]>
Subject FWD: Help me help my communities in District 52 and their residents by funding my campaign!
Date June 24, 2020 9:43 PM
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I'm forwarding this email to continue my commitment to
cross-ballot candidates.
I want you to meet my friend Tom Quiter, who I can tell you from
my own experience is no quitter and almost never quieter. Tom
messaged me sometime before the LP POTUS debate in Olean, New York,
and asked me to attend his County organization’s event to
drive up LP registrations and End The Fed. After a few asks, he
joined my campaign and is both a candidate and founding member of
my SWAT team for cross ticket support.
Tom is fighting the welfare system because his severe
disability has beholden him to the government his entire life.
He is always looking for opportunities to better himself,
despite every hurdle put up by the state. He seeks to change
this through his Senate Run in NY’s 52nd District by reducing
the welfare system's hindrances on those with disabilities,
allowing them to rise out of these systems. If we take back our
power to help ourselves and each other, we remove that power from
the government. Those in situations similar to him will be
empowered to better themselves and their communities, achieve
greater happiness and reduce the state manufactured excuse for over

Dear Fellow Liberty Lovers,
I have the enormous opportunity of running for NY
State Senate in District 52 this year. My strong stances on Guns,
Drugs, Healthcare,  the Economy, and most importantly,
Taxation, along with my incumbent RINO opponent’s record of
supporting our unpopular Governor, make my race the most winnable
in New York State. My opponent simultaneously holds a job as a cop
while serving in the Senate, votes against criminal justice reform,
votes for gun restrictions, and has made no efforts to improve the
struggling economy. And even more importantly, I am the only
challenger - there is no Democrat in the race. Fred Akshar, my
opponent, is not well-loved by 2A groups, those in favor of bodily
autonomy, or those experienced with addiction problems. These are
huge issues in my district that I can win on. During the
coronavirus crisis, he has voted to give our Governor the power to
kill NY’s suffering economy as well as at-risk
individuals,  then released a video begging the Governor not
to use that power. I want to return power to the individuals and
communities of my District instead.
After forming my County’s Libertarian
Organization, I have multiplied our enrolled membership by a factor
of 7. As of last night, I am now on the State Committee in NY. I
started The NY Libertarian Coalition, a Facebook page, and podcast,
with a handful of Central NY candidates and chairs who needed
recognition and support. Now we organize together and support each
other. Our podcast received unsolicited recognition in a WBNG News
broadcast. I worked on Dan Behrman’s campaign, and continue
to help build his cross ticket SWAT initiative into a long-lasting
organization to dismantle taxation nationwide. 
I believe in voluntary action because it has saved my
life. My own wheelchair is crowdfunded by Libertarians and my life
has been full of individual solutions to my needs that are better
and cheaper than what the State would provide. At 15, I defied the
FDA to stay alive, by finding individual solutions to my personal
needs and largely survive outside of the State’s welfare
system that surely would have killed me. To further that for
others, I have spent the last 6 years helping individuals with
disabilities meet their needs not met by the State systems with no
organization or system involved.  There is no better advocate
for individual liberty in New York than myself.
If you are in Orlando next month at the Libertarian
National convention, you can meet me and attend my workshop. This
trip was also crowdfunded by Libertarians, who want to see me
there. I am excited to meet you in person, but in the meantime,
check out my website at  If you like my message
and want to help me succeed, please consider donating on my website
or by mailing a check or money order made out to Tom For 52, PO Box
166 Mount Upton, NY 13809. With your financial support, I will be
the highest-ranking elected Libertarian in the nation.
Sharing is caring, Taxation is Theft and welfare
Thomas Daniel Quiter
~Never quitter and rarely quieter

Tom can win this, but he needs funding as he does not
have a significant personal income. Today is the 37th birthday his
parents were told he would never have, let’s all give $37 to
make his run a success! You can check out his website at, donate there or at the link below or mail a check to
1789 State Highway 8 Mount Upton, NY 13809 written out to Tom For

In Liberty,
Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

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