Every day across DC, men inspire their children to be confident, caring and resilient. In our work on behalf of DC children, we meet so many men who have an impact in their lives – from birth fathers and foster dads to adoptive dads and uncles.

Unfortunately, far too many men of color in DC – especially Black men – have to fight even harder to maintain close relationships with their children. The impact of systemic racism stands in the way time and time again: They are swept into the school to prison pipeline, they bear the brunt of police violence, they are discriminated against when looking for jobs or a place to live, and much more.

That’s why when a dad is fighting to support his kids, we know just how critically important it is to help him. Dads like Tyrone Wright, a stepdad to three teenage daughters. Thanks to his dedication and the assistance of our pro bono partners at Clifford Chance US LLP, today he is able to continue fighting for what his daughters need to stay healthy and keep learning.

Meet Tyrone Wright
When 14-year-old Destiny was struggling in school due to an intellectual disability and seizures, her stepdad, Tyrone, fought to ensure she had the support and services necessary to learn.

With the help of Children’s Law Center and Clifford Chance pro bono attorney Rebecca Hekman, Destiny was accepted into a school that could better meet her needs and secured a one-to-one aide who could focus on improving her educational future.

However, during this time, Destiny’s mom fell ill and passed away. Mr. Wright knew Destiny and her sisters better than anyone and wanted to continue to be the father he had been for so many years, including making educational and medical decisions for them. To make sure he could play this role, Rebecca and her Children’s Law Center mentors assisted him in gaining custody of the three girls.

Little did they all know just how critical this legal advocacy would be: As Destiny faces the challenges that come with remote learning during the pandemic, Mr. Wright is actively involved in deciding how the school should best support Destiny’s learning needs.

Today and every day, we proudly celebrate the inspirational men in our lives who, like Mr. Wright, have steadfastly loved, supported and championed their children.

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