From Dan "Taxation Is Theft" Behrman <[email protected]>
Subject This is insane!
Date June 7, 2020 5:37 PM
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I can't believe what is going on in America's cities. Absolute
chaos, and not the good kind.
If you've known me for long enough, you know that police
accountability is one of my hot button issues. I stared
AccountableAuthority many years back as a way to track complaints
against police officers. Departments were openly refusing to
accept complaints across the country and, and even if they
did, most of the information was kept a secret from the
People are killed by police every day in America, but once in a
while, there is a special case that becomes a tipping point for
people to rise up and fight the power. But what do they want? There
isn't a clear set of demands, but here are some ideas.

[link removed]
You can also sign and share the
petition: [link removed]
I have already announced that I am running for Governor of Texas
in 2022. Under my administration, I would make sure that all
of these demands are met. Unfortunately, that is a long way out.
It's important that we unify in this message today to make these
changes and restore peace to our cities.
In Liberty,
Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

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