Hi Friend,

As your Secretary of State, it’s my responsibility to administer an election and instill confidence in the process.  I have made it a central theme of my campaigns to focus on the integrity of elections and NOT get involved in partisan campaign attacks. They come and go, but our elections need to stay secure every single day.

I refuse to play those games because it demeans the office and it taints what should be a non-partisan race.  But in the age of social media, internet ads, and quick-hit attack campaigns, that puts me at a severe disadvantage.

As you may remember, my previous opponent is now the Chair of the Washington State Democrats and is doing and saying all she can to secure the funds to win this race. We cannot let that happen, but we need your help to push back against the falsehoods she’s spreading about my record and about Washington’s elections.

Friend, will you help me defend myself  – and the integrity of our electoral process – by contributing $25, $50, or $150 to my re-election campaign?

Thanks for your continued support, 


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Kim Wyman


P.S. I am working hard on fundraising this week before the end of the month deadline! I really appreciate your support by sending in a donation today to help me with my goal.




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