From Liam Byrne <[email protected]>
Subject We deserve better than a muddled mayor
Date May 28, 2020 7:07 AM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.

I hope this finds you well and safe - and thank you once again to everyone
helping our region battle through this terrible crisis.

Tragically, last week the UK became the country with the highest Covid
fatality rate in the world.

And that's why here in our region we deserve something better than the
muddled Tory Mayor we've got.

Most of us reacted in utter disbelief as we watched the Prime Minister's
chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, openly flout the Lockdown rules - and then
tell us he had no regrets.

Earlier this week our Tory Mayor for the West Midlands was forced to admit
that Dominic Cummings had broken the spirit of the law - but then he
refused to call for his resignation! Truly, it is one law for some, and
another for the rest of us.

But that's not all. Last week, we also caught the Tory Mayor playing fast
and loose with the R-rate; this crucial 'reinfection rate' tells us whether
the Covid infection is expanding or retreating. The Tory mayor used an
article in ConservativeHome (where else?) to declare the R rate had fallen
to 0.68 and he used this to justify his support for Boris Johnson's unlock

But guess what?

The Mayor was using the figures for the whole of the East and West Midlands
put together. In fact, public health directors tell us the 'r-rate' in our
region is 'perilously close' to 1. And of course the higher fatality rate
in BAME communities is still unexplained. Parents are furious and they've
written to demand the Tory mayor corrects the record.

But that's not all.

I am sorry to report that our Tory Mayor has rejected the calls of every
Labour MP in the region and many of our unions to deliver free travel for
the key workers who are helping keep our region safe and on the move.

So there you have it: a Tory Mayor playing fast and loose with crucial
figures, who won't support our key workers - but has decided instead to
stand with Dominic Cummings. It's like he's not on the side of our region.

That's why we need a Labour Mayor - to help our region deliver a plan to
save lives and save livelihoods.

Can you help us? A crucial part of our work is to understand why the
fatality rate from Covid is so much higher in our BAME communities. If
you'd like to share evidence and testimony, please just email
[email protected]

Finally, here's the link to our video on Facebook about the sheer double
standards of this terrible Government:

Watch video [1]

Very best - and stay safe



P.S. I thought also might like the links to our Mayor's extraordinary
interview: it's been published by the Birmingham Labour Party here:
[link removed] and Dudley Labour Group
here: [link removed]- Please do share! [2]




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