From Dan "Taxation Is Theft" Behrman <[email protected]>
Subject Whatever happens, it's been a good year!
Date May 23, 2020 12:51 PM
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Someone brought up the issue of which candidate traveled to
what states, so I thought I'd recap what we accomplished on this
This year I want to Florida, California,
Virginia's (2A rally where I got my taxation is theft
banner on Alex Jone's MRAP), stopping in
Washington DC to take a tour of the LP HQ and
parade around the IRS building with a
taxation is theft flag and meeting people who were
cheering, continued to Indiana, Alabama, South
Carolina, Pennsylvania, California, Arizonan and
In Iowa after campaigning I took a bus where I
inspired felons, drug dealers and at-risk youth to be good
libertarians as we rode to Chicago. I was in
Chicago multiple times for the Free
& Equal Debate and the local LP debate, I flew in to
Boston, Massachusetts and drove all the way to
New Hampshire in a limo provided
by a friend with Taxation Is Theft and Behrman 2020
magnets on the side, went Peoria for the
Illinois state LP debate, prepared to drive to
Michigan for their convention even with corona on
its way in, my home state of TEXAS even though it
was looking like I wasn't going to make it back across the border,
I had tickets booked to New York and planned to
attend a fan's Eagle Scout ceremony and
Larry Sharpe's Coffee with Libertarians but all
events were canceled. I also attended several small county, city,
and state meetings by skype or zoom where I couldn't travel.
Also skype calls with several groups of students from
middle school to college across the country.
My festival last weekend, Taxation Is Theft Fest
2020, was attended by people in Australia, Iraq,
China, England, Scottland, Germany, Hong Kong, Sweeden, Uganda,
Kenya, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Canada, and more!
I also donated $thousands to state and national
parties, hosted many other presidential candidates on my podcast,
rounded up support from across the entire political spectrum
including the far left and far right, upgraded "down-ballot"
candidates to "cross ballot" candidates who I donated to, hosted
on my podcast, and built free websites for. I also raised
$thousands for libertarians in Africa who have it 100 times worse
than us with their government and their lockdown.
All while making sure to get my 40 hours in
every week at my day job.
It was a good year. I probably skipped a few things. I'd do it
again. In fact, I plan to. No matter what happens, this campaign
does not end in 2020.
If you are a delegate, your nomination ballots are in your
mailbox. Please put in my name to lead this party back in the
direction of positive change in eliminating taxes and all useless
and destructive government agencies.
Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman
P.S. I wrote this email myself - it was not sent by my

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