The local NHS has submitted initial plans to build a brand new, modern health facility in our area.

And it could be located at either St Helier Hospital, Epsom Hospital or Sutton Hospital.

I am fighting alongside local residents to get it located at St Helier. Will you join me?


This new facility would be a massive boost for St Helier.

It would house A&E and critical care services, dealing with emergency cases and looking after the most at-risk patients.

Tens of thousands of local residents want to see services retained at St Helier and within the borough.

That's why I will fight tooth and nail for St Helier. It's my top priority -- always has been, always will be.

Will you join me in this fight,?John? Add your name now:


And wherever the new facility ends up being located, we have been reassured that St Helier will still retain the vast majority of its current services.

That is the sort of certainty residents and hospital staff have longed for.

Best wishes,

Tom Brake MP
Lib Dem MP for Carshalton & Wallington

PS. You can read more about the initial NHS proposals here.