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Subject [AVFCA] April Article Summary and Legislator Magazine Update
Date May 1, 2024 2:00 PM
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April AVFCA Article Posts
and Help Get to Our Goal of Getting
a Copy of A Voice Unfiltered to Every CA Legislator!

Take Action: One of AVFCA's goals with our magazine, A Voice Unfiltered, is to have 120 CA State Senators and Assembly Members, as well as their staff, read it to raise awareness of alternative health practices, outside of mainstream approaches, as well as increase their perception of the positive work A Voice for Choice Advocacy is doing. If you paid for a magazine to go to a legislator already... THANK YOU! The cost of magazines for 67 CA legislators has already been covered. Only 53 to go!

AVFCA needs your Help! For only $12.50 you will cover the cost of a copy of A Voice Unfiltered being delivered to a CA legislator and there staff. Please purchase one (or more) today!

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In case you missed our articles published by A Voice for Choice Advocacy writers this month, links are below...Be sure to sign up for AVFCA's Substack to get these weekly articles [link removed] [[link removed]] or check our Blog [link removed] [[link removed]] .

[[link removed]] “ProduceMaxx”: The Disinfectant Sprayed on Your Fruit and Vegetables Without Your Consent

Hypochlorous acid, the active ingredient in the disinfectant product, “ProduceMaxx” has been called the “miracle liquid.” It’s nontoxic, stronger than bleach, and kills pathogens effectively. The issue, however, and why ProduceMaxx is being splashed all over social media, is the fact that it’s sprayed on organic and conventional produce in grocery stores without your knowledge.

AVFCA Blog: [link removed] [[link removed]]

Substack: [link removed] [[link removed]]

[[link removed]] Contagion Versus Terrain Theory: What if the Two Intermingled?

Germ theory, traditional terrain theory, new terrain theory, and germ terrain duality theory. That’s a lot to unfold and make sense of. There may be a blend, an overlapping between all of these theories that makes good sense. The key is to listen to your own voice and make decisions based on your gut instinct. The research findings may further influence your opinion.

AVFCA Blog: [link removed] [[link removed]]

Substack: [link removed] [[link removed]]

[[link removed]] CBD Edibles: Investigating Quality, Ingredients, and Effectiveness

Eating CBD gummies and chocolates won’t get you high, as there is little (or none) THC, in contrast to smoking weed or making pot brownies. What it might do, however, and this is unique to everyone, is help you sleep, decrease physical pain, and smooth the edges to unmanageable stress. That said, there are health risks to be aware of, and most CBD products on the shelf are made with crap ingredients. These include, and are not limited to corn syrup, maltodextrin, and artificial dyes.

AVFCA Blog: [link removed] [[link removed]]

Substack: [link removed] [[link removed]]

[[link removed]] Beyond Wheat, Barley, and Rye: Factors Affecting Gluten Sensitivity in the U.S vs. Europe

When it comes to experiencing gluten sensitivity in the U.S. vs. Europe, differences in wheat production, farm size, and varieties of wheat provide useful insight. As well, the research shows substantial contrast in pesticide and glyphosate usage, and the regulation of additives in foods. As a consumer, your best advantage toward good health is to be well-informed, and to listen to the cues your body gives.

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During the second half of April 2024, AVFCA brought awareness to specific observance days by sharing our original stories that matched these themes:

National Laundry Day : “Laundry Detergents: Avoiding Dangers and Trickery of Mainstream Products”

Information about the dangerous toxic ingredients in mainstream laundry detergents. What that commercial “fragrance” is really all about, and how you can choose natural alternatives, and even make them yourself, if you’re so inclined. [link removed] [[link removed]]

World Healing Day : “Natural Immunity: New Discoveries in the Human Body [Plus a Video Interview With Drs. Michelle Mattingly and Henry Ealy]”

Contrary to mainstream adherence to allopathic medicine as the only way to boost immunity—from the outside-in—there are many studies that support natural, or holistic means to raising your immunity from the inside out. This interview captures two doctors’ perspectives on the topic. [link removed] [[link removed]]

Our team also reads hundreds of articles each week, and those of interest are shared on our social media platforms. However, once or twice a week, our team reads an article that is profound or shares a perspective that is new or from an expert that AVFCA feels should be highlighted. These articles are shared on our Substack.

If you found this information helpful and appreciate the work A Voice for Choice Advocacy is doing, please support us by making a donation today.

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Together we can make change happen!

Christina Hildebrand
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