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Subject Summer Lee
Date April 18, 2024 3:14 PM
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With less than a week to go until the Pennsylvania primary on April 23rd, we need all hands on deck in the fight to re-elect a true progressive fighter leader in our people-powered movement – Pittsburgh’s champion, Summer Lee. If you haven’t already seen the news, Summer’s race is full of 🚩BIG RED FLAGS🚩 that EVERY voter deserves to know about, especially now with less than 1 week to go.

But before we get into it, consider clicking here to make a donation to Summer Lee’s campaign today. With all the Republican money stacked against her, we need all hands on deck to help her fight back! Whether it’s $5, $50, or $500 – every dollar counts!


Here’s what Summer is up against:

PA’s richest Republican and the #1 Republican donor donor in the entire country Jeff Yass, has already spent a WHOPPING **$800,000** against Summer. Instead of challenging her policies, these ads lie to voters about Summer’s record and prop up her “Democratic” opponent. The shocking part is that Yass has spent more money trying to help Summer’s opponent than her opponent has spent on their own campaign!
Why is this a big deal?
Jeff Yass is THE top donor to the Republican party right now (he’s given $54 million to Republicans this cycle), and he's using his deep pockets to support Summer’s Democratic opponent. This should set off alarms everywhere. ⏰

Yass is in tight with Trump. Not only is he Trump’s top pick for Treasury Secretary, he even got a shout-out from Trump calling him “fantastic” and recently helped him raise MILLIONS!

Yass bailed out Trump’s Truth Social to bankroll Trump’s campaign and pay his million dollar legal fees.

His money has fueled efforts to strip away abortion rights, undermine public education, and ensure the wealthy don’t pay their fair share in taxes.

Despite Yass’ PAC’s intentionally deceptive name, the “Moderate PAC” is anything but moderate – with Yass funding a staggering 77%! Since when is it okay for Trump’s anti-abortion financier and potential Treasury Secretary to **LIE TO VOTERS** about Summer’s record and associate her with Donald Trump?
Yass headline

On top of ALL that, Summer’s Democratic opponent actually asked Republicans to switch parties just to vote against her in the primary. This is a clear attempt to push out a leader like Summer who has always stood up for what's right—like better jobs, clean air and water, and making sure everyone has a fair shot.


They’re afraid of what Summer stands for because she's tough, she never gives up, and she will always challenge the status quo for the good of the people. The Republican billionaires know Summer is a strong candidate that won’t be bought out by big money, and they're pulling out every single trick in the book to take her down.

We have to ask ourselves: why would a Republican spend so much money to help a Democrat? It’s not support, it’s strategy! Now more than ever, we have to have Summer's back. We are appealing to all our supporters and allies to rally behind her and help counteract the Republican billionaires trying to play in our primaires!

Your contribution today can make a real difference as we work to inform voters and combat these shady tactics. Will you click here today, donate a few bucks, and show Summer that we ALL have her back just like she has ours?

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It’s “Summer-Time!” Let's show them what we're made of and keep fighting for what's right! Our progressive movement has always been about sticking together and protecting the future we all want and deserve.

Thank you for being there, for believing in Summer, and for fighting for a future where everyone gets a fair shot!

In solidarity,
Team Ilhan

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